Terms & Condition

Expert-Accountant has some terms and condition to show general statement under which the clients will perform its duties when carrying out bookkeeping services. These terms and conditions are:

General Terms

The agreement between the clients and Expert-Accountant depends on the defined terms and condition of our site. Any modification of the terms and conditions of our site will have no influence unless approved by Expert-Accountant through a confirmation email from the clients.

Missing Payment and Delaying Projects

Client need to email Expert-Accountant.com a time frame for the payment or content for projects. If clients need a longer time to pay or provide content, Expert-Accountant.com can reselect the developer with some other projects. An email will be sent to the customer informing them about the missing payment or required content. However, if the customer is unable to pay and provide us content at the appropriate time, the project will be suspended until dues are cleared.

Proper Communication

The communication between Expert-Accountant and the clients will be done via a registered email. If the clients have changed their email address and there is no any response from the clients within 7 days, we will terminate their request for projects.

Unwanted Threats and Risks

Sometimes, the projects suffer from some risks of malicious programs and file such as viruses, worm, Trojan horse, and more other malware. At that time, Expert-Accountant will not be taken any obligation for any data lose malware attack, hacking, and virus infection on the server.

Limitation of Services

The services of a Expert-Accountant.com are limited. It will not provide any additional profits to the clients according to their time-to-time requirements. The clients want to some modification and changes to the web templates, both parties need to discuss the financial issues before doing anything.

Control Panel and FTP

After payment is cleared, Expert-Accountant will be responsible for providing our clients the access control panel and FTP details for safe keeping.

Have you any query regarding our terms and conditions? Share your query with our affable accountants by contacting us via phone number and email.



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