Everyone is aware of the fact that QuickBooks is the best choice for entrepreneurs to handle financial management of their organization. Every exclusive item has its limitations. This is so in case of QuickBooks. QuickBooks is prone to errors like any other exclusive product. It encounters errors while performing any task on it. One such error is QuickBooks error 61. A user may experience this issue when performing tasks like, printing, refreshing, downloading, uninstalling, etc. Now, let’s move further to know reasons why this issue occurs.

What are the causes of QuickBooks Error 61?

A list of various factors behind this issue are:
  • The problem in the operation of the system.
  • An uninstalled program or software left an invalid portion in the Windows registry.
  • A virus or some other malware infects your Computer.
  • Because of a power cut or some other excuse, the system was shut down. There is no necessary structure or passage of the registry.
  • A framework or application segment activity has not been executed.

How to get QuickBooks error 61 fixed?

For Fixing this QuickBooks issue, users can try the steps as:
  • Go to the file menu and open it.
  • Open utilities and then select rebuild data.
  • You need to click Ok window.
  • Follow the message to complete the backup.
  • If you receive the message as, “QuickBooks is not responding”, you need to check whether cursor of your mouse is moving or not. In case, it is moving, wait as the process of rebuilding is still going on.
  • After the completion of process, Press “OK
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