Most Common Quickbooks Errors

    Users of Quickbooks facing many errors while using it , some errors are functional, some configuration, some server related and many are the data related issue . Below we listed all Intuit QB errors which faced by Pro, Premier , Mac, Desktop or payroll users . In case need assistance call Quickbooks Errors support Phone number to fix any errors & issue .

    Quickbooks Errors List

    QuickBooks – 6000: Error 6000 occurs when QuickBooks tries to open, backup or restore a company file.

    QuickBooks – 6000 – 77: Error 6000 – 77 occurs when QuickBooks accesses a company file stored in external media.

    QuickBooks – 6000 – 80: Error code 6000 – 80 is shown when QuickBooks attempts to open a damaged company file.

    QuickBooks – 6000 – 82: Error code 6000 – 82 arises when QuickBooks tries to open or access company file that is stored in another computer system.

    QuickBooks – 6000 – 83: Error code 6000 – 83 occurs while QuickBooks tries to access company file without getting successfully installed.

    QuickBooks – 6000 – 301: Error code 6000 – 301 is the result of QuickBooks attempting to access company file stored in the same place as that of installed encryption software.

    QuickBooks – 6000 – 816: Error code 6000 – 816 is shown when QuickBooks attempts to open a file which is already in use.

    QuickBooks – 6123: Error code 6123 arises when accessing a company file over network, in multi-user form or during restoring process of backup file.

    QuickBooks – 6073 – 816: Error code 6073 – 816 occurs when QuickBooks is unable to open a specific company file due to restriction in file permission.

    QuickBooks – 6073 – 99001: Error code 6073 – 99001 is the result of opening company file under multi-user configuration.

    QuickBooks – 6129: Error code 6129 ensues when you attempt to create a new file or open an already existing one.

    QuickBooks – 6130, 0: QuickBooks error code 6130, 0 occurs at the time of opening company file or while reconciling an account.

    QuickBooks – 6143: QuickBooks Error 6143 is caused while using a corrupted registry entry.

    QuickBooks – 6144: QuickBooks Error Code 6144 arises when QuickBooks accesses company file through incorrect path.

    QuickBooks – 6144 – 301: Error code 6144, 301 is faced by a user when QuickBooks fails to access company file.

    QuickBooks – 6147: The QuickBooks Error 6147 occurs when QuickBooks restore a backup file which is already damaged or not completely updated.

    QuickBooks – 6150: Error code 6150 arises during the process of program installation when QuickBooks related software application is running.

    QuickBooks – 6150 – 1006: Error code 6150 – 1006 takes place at the time of creating, opening or using a damaged company file.

    QuickBooks Maintenance Release Server Not Responding: QuickBooks Maintenance Release Will Not Update and 15xxx series error code comes.

    • QuickBooks Maintenance Release Error 15101
    • QuickBooks Maintenance Release Error 15102
    • QuickBooks Maintenance Release Error 15215
    • QuickBooks Maintenance Release Error 15222
    • QuickBooks Maintenance Release Error 15271
    • QuickBooks Maintenance Release Error 15240
    • QuickBooks Maintenance Release Error 15242



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